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Our secret sauce relies in our trainers following a strict lesson plan guideline to keep students engaged and alert throughout the whole instruction. Trainers consistently ask for student feedback to assess their learning patterns as well as deliver content that is both relevant and exciting to learn about.

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5 Reasons to Choose Practical Programming® Online Courses

Proven Method


Live Instructor-led Stream

Always real time interactive streaming with experience Python Instructor from New York office.


Ask Questions in Real-Time

You can ask as many questions as you need and you can share your screen so we can help you with your code.


Real Classroom experience

We use the latest web solutions, allowing you to have a real classroom experience from the comfort of your home.


We provide notes and homework assignments

For each session we provide you with our lecture notes and homework assignments.


You can repeat the course

You can always take a refresher free of charge.

We use US Eastern Time

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Course Dates Time Sessions Price RSVP
Introduction to Python Aug 15, Aug 22, Aug 29 11 a.m. US ET 3 $299
Python Immersive Aug 17, Aug 18, Aug 19,Aug 20,Aug 21 10 a.m. US ET 5 $990
Python for Data Science Immersive Aug 17, Aug 18, Aug 19,Aug 20,Aug 21 11 a.m. US ET 5 $990
Introduction to Python Aug 17, Aug 24, Aug 31 6 p.m. US ET 3 $299
Python Immersive Aug 24, Aug 25, Aug 26,Aug 27,Aug 28 10 a.m. US ET 5 $990

An ideal solution for professionals with demanding work schedules

How You Learn Python OnLine

Each student receives personal attention and ask as many questions as needed.

We will help you install all the software as we start.

We will provide you with written materials and Python code examples as an online coursepack.

Our instructors provide online support through Slack, so you’re never lost for long.

You will recieve a certificate upon successful complition of the course.


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Very generous with time and knowledge and truly helpful. Great if you have no programming knowledge or if you're a more advanced student. The course is thorough and applies exercises to real-life examples. Will take again and highly recommend!

Adriana Rodriguez


I've taken several classes here. All of the instructors have been great, and the material and its presentation is very comprehensive. So is their style of teaching; it is very easy for me to retain what I've learned between and after classes. It was difficult for me to find the homework sometimes, but I managed.

Macy N.


If you've never programmed and you're looking for a school with classes that will get you up to speed quickly in a way that's easy to follow and understand, helping you to quickly build the fundamentals, this is the school to do that.

Kelly Grove


I took Introduction to Python and Web Scrapping with Art and the class was great! I learned a lot and can't wait to continue my Python education.

Bryndee Carlson


I have learned Python from fundamental to advanced topics here. Art and Tim are really good at teaching Python.

Phoebe Wu Yaheng


This class was great. The right blend of teaching and practicing what we learn. Thalo was a great instructor that balanced giving us the knowledge and letting us think our way through the problems. Also, he was there to rescue us when we got in over our head.

David Knutson


I did the week-long Python for Data Science Immersive Bootcamp in Chicago. The course is structured as a small-group lab, so it's easy to stay engaged and you get a lot of hands-on experience coding. The instructor, Thalo, was an exceptional teacher and was very adaptive to the class. We got to spend time working on problems relevant for our jobs. Highly recommend!

Mike Vitale


Great learning experience! Thalo Menninga was excellent and very hands on and very knowledgeable. The approach of teaching was very nice and course content was also designed very professional. Class size is also smaller and that makes more focused learning. Every day, I enjoyed learning new things and especially daily recap in the morning. If you want to learn Python I'd highly recommend this cou

Sandip Patel


I participated in the weeklong intro to Python course and it was great! the instructor, Thalo, is a great teacher and very patient/diligent in helping you. I would definitely recommend this course (and Practical Programming in general) to any beginner or novice interested in learning how to program.

Aidan Garton


On-Line Course Click to RSVP: Introduction to Python Aug 15 11 a.m.US ET On-Line Course Click to RSVP: Python Immersive Aug 17 10 a.m.US ET On-Line Course Click to RSVP: Python for Data Science Immersive Aug 17 11 a.m.US ET On-Line Course Click to RSVP: Introduction to Python Aug 17 6 p.m.US ET On-Line Course Click to RSVP: Python Immersive Aug 24 10 a.m.US ET